Being an HVAC contractor takes a lot of time, effort, and skill. So does being an owner of a business. Chances are you probably do not know everything about the insurance you have or need and I encourage you to educate yourself so you understand how, and what is covered.

Let’s face it even with training I would not be a very good HVAC contractor. Your energy should be spent on growing your business and keeping your clients happy. While our focus is on making sure you have the correct insurance coverage to keep you safe.

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HVAC Basic Insurance Coverage


Property insurance is very important for an HVAC company to have. Your employees may be able to fix a lot of issues that might occur, but as a business owner you have a lot invested in your property and need the proper insurance to protect it.



You have worked very hard for your business and not having liability insurance or enough insurance can cause you to lose it all. Liability insurance protects your office, but did you know that it also covers employees while they are at a clients home.

Everyone is human and makes mistakes no matter how professional your employees are. If they fall and break their arm or accidently knock a valuable item over and break it, your insurance covers it.

Your employee may have done a great job repairing something, and if any damages were to occur (even if it was not at the fault of your business) you may still get the blame, but your insurance would cover you.



One of the most common and IMPORTANT insurance coverages left out of insurance plans is business income coverage. Is it not one of your main goals as a business to continually produce income? Most HVAC companies cant afford to be shut down for extensive periods of time and that is completely understandable.

What if the worst should happen and a bad storm, tornado, or other disaster destroyed your building? Yes your property would be covered by your insurance, but what about payroll, taxes, bills, mortgage.

Depending on how long the business is out of operation, most businesses could not stay in business.



A Customized HVAC Insurance Plan

It is easy for me to generalize insurance in a blog post, but it takes a lot more than that to be properly covered. Just like in your business, there is not general solution for the problem.

How well would you be able to do your job if you did not know your clients needs? We need to understand your needs so that we can work in the most efficient and effective way to get the coverage you need.

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