What are plumbers doing to be successful? Simple. They spend a couple hours a week working on their business, not in their business. What does working on your business and in your business mean? Working in your business is doing jobs, paperwork, billing, calls, setting appointments, etc. Working on your business is stepping back from all of that and devising strategies to run your business more efficiently, more profitably, more steadily and gain more free time. The most successful plumbers spend a couple hours a week working on their business. Below are some examples of working on your business vs. in your business.


Everyone loves referrals. That is every company’s most preferred way to get quality, steady business. So, if that is the most preferred way to get business, then why not have a strategy or system to get referrals and ask for referrals on a regular basis? While working on your business, device strategies and systems to get referrals. Think about it, if referrals are the most preferred way to get business, doesn’t it make sense to have a strategy or system to proactively get referrals? Below are what the most successful plumbers are doing to get referrals:

  • The number one way is to simply ask. Not only are customers happy to give referrals when you ask them, it shows your confidence and reassures the customer that you are accepting new clients and that you will work hard for them.
  • This method is VERY EFFECTIVE. Offer a small gift for each one or some type of drawing/contest for referrals. Many plumbers are offering a $20 gas card for all referrals. It does not sound like much, but that generates a lot of business. This is also an easy way to ask for referrals. You can mention to them that you are excited about new business and they can get a little gift.
  • Many plumbers have a little simple flyer they can hand the customer that explains the gift or contest prize they will receive for referring their friends. An example of a contest would be a monthly drawing with one entry per referral, the gift being a $50 gift card to a restaurant of their choice.


Customer reviews and testimonials are more important now than they have ever been. Consumers do more and more research online about the companies they are hiring to do work for them, on their homes, cars, business and everything in between. A potential customer is more likely to go with your company if you have positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers on your website and social media pages. It is important to implement obtaining these into your daily business activities.

These tips will help get you more testimonials from customers:

  1. The most effective way is up close and personal. Asking someone in person is the best way to get a customer to write a testimonial. Especially if they have just had a positive experience with your services.
  2. Following up on completion of services. This is another easy way to ask for reviews and testimonials. This can be done over email, by phone, or in person. Asking if the customer is happy with the services provided, and if they are, it’s then good to ask if the customer would mind writing one.
  3. Getting everyone involved. Offer incentive to employees to get testimonials, maybe a small reward every time they reach a certain amount.
  4. Send out a satisfaction survey. A quick and easy check list that they can write a testimonial on. Include a self addressed envelope with a stamp.